Blue Baby Shower Bingo


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Blue baby shower bingo cards are perfect for your boy baby shower. Just download, print, and enjoy! Guests are sure to have a blast at your baby shower party!

Blue Baby Shower Bingo Printable Cards

Looking for something fun to do at your next baby shower? Why not try playing blue baby shower bingo! This printable blank bingo card can be used for a boy baby shower. Just download and print, then cut out the cards and play. You can print as many copies as you need. Have a blast playing blue baby shower bingo!

How to play blank baby shower bingo?

You will need these supplies:

  • Printable baby bingo cards,
  • Pens or pencils,
  • Prizes

How to play?

To start playing,

  • Print blank bingo template.
  • Cut out the blank cards and distribute to each player.
  • Each player fills in the blank cards with words related to baby shower gifts or guests that they think will be at the party. For example diaper bag, pacifier, cloth diapers, onesies, etc. Or you can use the names of the guests, or any other funny words.
  • There can be a prize for the winner. For example, one blank baby bingo card that is filled in with all blank spaces covered up by items they predicted correctly will win them a gift!
  • The person who gets blank bingo wins!

Download the blank bingo template and have fun filling in the bingo cards with words.

Boy Baby Shower Bingo Cards Printable

These blank Baby Shower Bingo Cards are not editable, meaning you cannot type in your own words or numbers into it. You can only print it as is. If you would like an editable blank baby shower bingo card, please click here.

How to print blue baby shower bingo cards?

You will be able to print one bingo card per page (5×7 inch) or two per page (on US letter size paper)

To print the blank baby shower bingo cards,

  • Download and save the printable PDF files on your computer.
  • Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader, or any other program that can read PDF files.
  • Print using your printer’s settings. Make sure to set the paper size to “US Letter” or “A-size”.
  • It is recommended to print on thick card stock paper. This will give professional look to the bingo cards and guests will find it easy to write on these cards.
  • Cut out the cards using scissors or a paper cutter.

Finished size of Blue Baby Shower bingo printable cards is 5″x7″.

Please note that the files are non editable and will come as shown in the preview images. Make sure to check the text and design, before making the purchase, and most definitely before printing.


  • There will be no refunds once a digital file has been sent out. If you need any revisions to the PDF, please feel free to contact us, we can certainly work with you to resolve any issues.
  • Colors may vary depending on the monitor and printer styles and settings.
  • These files can be printed for your PERSONAL use only. Redistribution by any means is prohibited.


Your files will be available to download instantly. There will be no physical items shipped.

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