Printable Password Tracker


Keep track of your online account information with this printable password tracker.

Never lose your username, password or email address information with this password tracker tool.


Keep track of your passwords with this printable password tracker. Never lose your online account information with this password tracker.

Everything has gone online, and we need to create online accounts for almost everything. When you have to create online accounts, you are prompted to create a unique username and password.

You have to supply your email address and sometimes set an answer or two to the questions to set up as a hint in case you forget your password.

Hmm …. so much information, but how are you supposed to keep track of all this information?

Where do I save all this information?

One thing is for sure. When you have to create so many online accounts, from online banking to online shopping and everything in between you can’t keep the same information for all your accounts.

That will be considered extremely unsafe.

Think about it. You keep the same password for your online banking, and for your online clothing store. If someone is able to get their hands on that online clothing store database and has access to all the user account information, they have your banking account information as well.

That is why it is always recommended to keep separate information for every online account.

Printable Password Tracker

That is where this printable password tracker comes in handy. You can use this tracker to keep track of all the usernames, passwords, website names etc. There are two formats in this Password Tracker package.

You can use the one you like. Both include sections where you can write down the username, password, email address, website name and hint or notes.

Although you can include this as a part of your daily planner, but make sure not to take it out with you. If you lose it when you are somewhere out, they may get access to your account information.

Keep it in a safe place at home.

What’s in the Package?

2 PDF files for:

◆ Printable Password Tracker

Finished size of each printable tracker is 8.5×11 inches!

Please note that the files are non editable and will come as shown in the preview images. Make sure to check the text and design, before making the purchase, and most definitely before printing.


Simply download, save and print. You can print as many copies as you want for your personal use.


◆ There will be no refunds once a digital file has been sent out. If you need any revisions to the PDF, please feel free to contact us, we can certainly work with you to resolve any issues.
◆ Colors may vary depending on the monitor and printer styles and settings.
◆ These files can be printed for your PERSONAL use only. Redistribution by any means is prohibited.


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